Tuesday, March 29, 2011


How to order:

1. Choose a pattern.
2. Choose 1-3 fabric selections.
3. Choose a hem preference.
4. Email all of this information along with sizing to: mrs_robichaux@hotmail.com
If I need anymore information from you, I will ask via email.
5. Once we have spoken via email regarding your selections, I will send you your total, including shipping. Once price has been agreed upon, I will make the garment and then post a picture with a paypal link button on the blog and notify you of it's presence. It will be reserved for your purchase only. Please be prompt with payment.

*NOTE: All items are shipped via USPS Priority mail, and cost $5. This cost will be included in the total I give you. You MUST speak with me via email regarding your order, as I may need to restock fabric for your order, etc. I strive to complete and ship orders as fast as possible, but this process may take up to 2 weeks. I will give you a timeline for completion in our email correspondence. Thanks!

Sizing Information

All sizing is custom. For each dress/top/skirt/capri, I will need measurements from you.

Sizes 6 months-2T include a diaper cover! Please send waist diameter and the thigh diameter of the child.

Tops: I will need the length from under arm to mid hip or wherever you would like the hem to fall. Also the length from shoulder to the same spot.
For sleeved tops, I will need the arm diameter.

Dresses: Length from under arm to mid-knee or wherever you would like the hem to fall. Also the length from shoulder to same spot. For sleeved dresses, the arm diameter is needed as well.

*Halter dress requires chest diameter as well.

Skirts: Waist diameter, and length from waist to mid knee or wherever you would like the hem to fall.

Capris: Waist diameter, length from crotch to mid knee (or to wherever you would like them to sit at, and the length from waist to the same spot.


Each item has hem options. These are:

A straight band:

Thick ruffle:

Thick Ruffle over Band:

Light Gathering:

Or Plain Hem:

The choice is up to you!

Ties: For sleeveless shirts or dresses, you can choose either satin ties or fabric ties.

Fabric selections: You can choose anywhere from 1-3 choices of fabric for your garment, depending on the pattern and hem choice.


*All items are made from 100% cotton.

*All hems are serged, creating a more stable, durable, and professional seam.

* All items are custom made, and as a result are non-returnable. You choose the fabric and the style, so make sure it is what you really want BEFORE you order it. If there is an issue with my craftmanship, please email me. I aim to please, and want you to be happy with your purchase.